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Nicolas Petit

Nicolas Petit grew up in Normandy and always loved animals. He moved to New Mexico in 1992, where he finished high school and then to Alaska because he “loved snow.” He adopted “Ugly”, a gorgeous Alaskan Mutt, put a harness on him and the adventure began. He traveled all over the state and began racing while working for Jim Lanier.

“In 2011, Jim’s hip gave him trouble, so I took his wonderful white dogs to Nome.” He also lived in Girdwood, Alaska, and worked for Dario Daniels, whose training techniques live on through his calm mushing demeanor. Nic and his team of furry “kids” are decorated athletes winning races across Alaska and placing as high as 2nd in Iditarod.

Katie Lloyd

Katie Lloyd has been involved with Team Petit as a sponsor since 2017. Her husband John Lloyd, with Arctic Chiropractic, is the team Chiropractor. Originally from Western New York State, this dog-obsessed woman has lived a life filled with animals and adventurous pursuits. She’s a retired NFL Cheerleader for the Buffalo Bills and spent 15 years hiking, biking, snowboarding and running in the great state of Colorado.

She is a 6-time Ironman triathlete, has ridden her bike across the continental United States and was once a Pack Burro Racer- Colorado’s extremely unique state sport! She is 5 years Alaskan and is in her rookie season of Alaska’s state sport! She could not be more excited or grateful to be part of this amazing team of mushers and canine athletes. She has completed the Eureka Lodge 156, the Goose Bay 150 (her first Iditarod qualifier) and won the 2020 Denali Doubles 100 with Nic. Katie lives in South Anchorage with her husband, 2 young children, and 4 house dogs.

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